I like insects. They are like little roboty things and are dead cool except they aren’t dead. This is a bumblebee in my parents garden. They are so awesome as they are fluffy and not many insects get to be fluffy. If I was going to be any insect I would definitely be a bumblebee although being so lazy I’m not sure I would be much cop. I wonder if there is a special bumblebee dole I could go on?

The next little roboty thing is a ladybird. Weird name as they come in male and aren’t birds. They can fly which is something. Very pretty things though, even girls like them – maybe that’s where the name came from. This pic was taken in a field near Welwyn.

Now this is much more like it on the roboscale. If was a genetic engineer in the Bladerunner sense, the first thing I would make would be a 30ft grasshopper. Bet it would make a grand old racket.