This is a serious of pictures that I took on the train down to London at the beginning of the year shortly after the snow fell. They are all in the vicinity of Finsbury Park. The first one of the sun in the towers was probably a bad idea as I don’t have a UV filter. Oops.

This advertisement fills me with no confidence at all. I thought it looked cool anyway – more like something you might see in America perhaps? It reminded me of a Chemical Brothers video

This sorry looking shell of a building has been disused for years now. I think it was a pub that got burnt out. Hopefully it’s going to get put back together again eventually; from the front it looks like it was a really cool building originally.

And finally, no urban pictures would be complete without some Graffiti. There was a great ‘RIP Ian Tomlinson‘ tag earlier but I missed it. I have no idea who MASH is, and neither does the tagger who wrote mash? afterwards.