I am a 27 year old software developer who owns a camera. I bought my camera nearly a year ago and am just starting to work out what to do with it. Fortunately it doesn’t have too many buttons else I would never master it.

I live in Hichin in Hertfordshire and spend a great deal of time in London. I like culture the excitement of the city but I also enjoy open space and quiet. So, living in the country but within a short train ride to London works well for me. I have fish tanks rammed with african tropical fish and two awesome rats.

Politically I’m pretty confused, I appreciate the meritocratic ideals of the free market but am frustrated that the real results are usually injustice and inequality. It’s especially disheartening that human beings can determine the origin of the universe, unpick its finest details, re-engineer new life but still can’t create a society where people are both truly free and truly equal.

Religion is a no for me. I debunked God and Father Christmas at almost the same time before I went to junior school. I was raised as a catholic which probably help speed me to atheism. Virgin births? Eating the ‘body of christ’ ? Really?!?

I have lots of hobbies including, music production, mountain biking, power kiting, cooking, reading and keeping fish. Photography is the newest one. I find it satisfying as I am completely unable to draw which has been a persistent source of frustration for me.

This blog is intended to be a platform to publish my pictures but my inane ramblings might get typed along the way. Afterall, its only the internet.