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A name is a big deal, especially for a business. While names are certainly more than a descriptive term, it does help if you can get that bit right. Here’s a shop that has failed. It’s not French and its not a dairy.

The next premises has got it spot on. It has all the panache of an urban fox that eats toddlers for tea. I’m not sure that it’s such a great idea to be drawing attention to it but what do I know; I don’t even have a job.


This is the Llyods building in London, otherwise known as the ‘inside out building’. I have always thought that good architecture was suppose to yield beautiful results. It’s certainly not that, but it is an interesting oddity. I guess in an aesthetic sense its the Joseph Merrick of architecture, improved slightly by the fact that the business that goes on inside is uglier still.

It was a bright and sunny day but I turned the exposure right down to make it look all the more like Mordor. The Orcs outside on their fag break didn’t look terribly pleased to be sharing the air with an actual person so I didn’t stay long.

I scuttled round the corner and took a snap of a ‘the gherkin’ as well. Or rather I was going to, but a plant thing stole my interest. If anyone knows what it is I would be interested to find out. Wish I had put a bit more depth of field but never mind!

It’s reassuring that life always finds a way to exist, even in such poisonous environments as the Square Mile. Rather the plant than me.

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