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Maylandia,pyrsontos,Nakantenga IslandThe fish that I drove all the way to Liverpool to get finally blooms into colour. Hurray!


I like insects. They are like little roboty things and are dead cool except they aren’t dead. This is a bumblebee in my parents garden. They are so awesome as they are fluffy and not many insects get to be fluffy. If I was going to be any insect I would definitely be a bumblebee although being so lazy I’m not sure I would be much cop. I wonder if there is a special bumblebee dole I could go on?

The next little roboty thing is a ladybird. Weird name as they come in male and aren’t birds. They can fly which is something. Very pretty things though, even girls like them – maybe that’s where the name came from. This pic was taken in a field near Welwyn.

Now this is much more like it on the roboscale. If was a genetic engineer in the Bladerunner sense, the first thing I would make would be a 30ft grasshopper. Bet it would make a grand old racket.

This is a sage plant that lives on my windowsill. I’m not sure why I bought it as I don’t often use sage when I’m cooking but I expect the plant is glad of this.

I had been trying to take pictures of the plant with a savage rainstorm as the backdrop but failed miserably. I took a consolation snap when the sun reappeared.

The trees are from a copse near Hitchin where I live. I took this picture on a lovely walk with my delightful girlfriend.

Both images have had the saturation reduced significantly with the exception of the green channels which were reduced less. It’s all too tempting to ramp up the contrast and saturation in order to get images that pop with colour so I though I would try the opposite.

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