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This summer I went on another lovely walk with my delightful girlfriend, but this time on London’s South Bank, transformed into a smorsgabord of clowns and other fools.

It seems at least one person enjoys the policeman’s baton. Perhaps a formative moment for an anarchist in waiting?

The embrace of a dancing mannequin seems a jovial tragedy. I just hope this guy isn’t too into the method.

These guys were doing lots of jumping around with the finale being some guy fitting himself into an oversized Fray Bentos pie tray. I’ve seen better though, specifically an outfit that performed a similar act outside a pub in Holborn but with more drums. It’s all about multimedia these days lads.
Of course the child is unimpressed; this is all nonsense. Take her to something she will appreciate. Like the opera. Or Crufts.


I have been playing with the exposure time on the camera to get some more abstract images.

The first one is a girl with a guitar at Kings Cross Station, predictably trying to get away from me as quickly as possible. Yes I know the saturation trick to highlight the red is a bit cheesy. But it’s good cheese, like the stuff you get on the moon. None of this french shit.

And here’s some douche bag with grey hair and a grey suit going forward to reveal his blue sky thinking with a synergistic modus operandi. Good for him. I have also dicked about with the colour balance to make things look a bit more weird.

This is Dave. He is a very nice man who doesn’t like having his picture taken. Unfortunately for him, I am a total bastard. He’s also got himself married a couple of days ago. Congratulations mate!

This faux vintage look seems to be all the rage these days. I figured I would have a go myself. These are some pictures I took when my family and I went for a walk around Welwyn earlier this year. The first one is my mother and my sister looking at some other field. I can’t say it looks massively interesting but they seem engrossed all the same.

This my sister playing with a crop of some sort. At the time I think she was unimpressed with its quality.

I used some presents from here as a starting point. I think it was Vintage Tee 1 that I used for these two snaps, but I added a bit more blue and tweaked the exposure some more too.

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