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Somehow, I don’t think the owner of this vehicle really shops at Netto. For the benefit of international readers, Netto is a super budget shop. For the benefit of female readers, this is a very expensive car.


These are my uncles helicopters. There’s a battery powered one and a petrol driven moster, both are terrifying machines. A collision between a person and one of them would be an almost certain fatality due to the speed at which the rotors turn. The fear is magnified by the fact that these things are fiendishly difficult to fly. You have to learn on simulator software before going anywhere near the real thing.

The petrol ‘copter is nearly 4ft long including the rotor over- hang. Its impressive in action, making a terrific noise as it spits smoke and cuts the air. I didn’t dare ask how much it cost.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
what would you know about ‘nam?
you weren’t there.

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