This is a serious of pictures that I took on the train down to London at the beginning of the year shortly after the snow fell. They are all in the vicinity of Finsbury Park. The first one of the sun in the towers was probably a bad idea as I don’t have a UV filter. Oops.

This advertisement fills me with no confidence at all. I thought it looked cool anyway – more like something you might see in America perhaps? It reminded me of a Chemical Brothers video

This sorry looking shell of a building has been disused for years now. I think it was a pub that got burnt out. Hopefully it’s going to get put back together again eventually; from the front it looks like it was a really cool building originally.

And finally, no urban pictures would be complete without some Graffiti. There was a great ‘RIP Ian Tomlinson‘ tag earlier but I missed it. I have no idea who MASH is, and neither does the tagger who wrote mash? afterwards.


Somehow, I don’t think the owner of this vehicle really shops at Netto. For the benefit of international readers, Netto is a super budget shop. For the benefit of female readers, this is a very expensive car.

This is Dave. He is a very nice man who doesn’t like having his picture taken. Unfortunately for him, I am a total bastard. He’s also got himself married a couple of days ago. Congratulations mate!

This faux vintage look seems to be all the rage these days. I figured I would have a go myself. These are some pictures I took when my family and I went for a walk around Welwyn earlier this year. The first one is my mother and my sister looking at some other field. I can’t say it looks massively interesting but they seem engrossed all the same.

This my sister playing with a crop of some sort. At the time I think she was unimpressed with its quality.

I used some presents from here as a starting point. I think it was Vintage Tee 1 that I used for these two snaps, but I added a bit more blue and tweaked the exposure some more too.

These are my uncles helicopters. There’s a battery powered one and a petrol driven moster, both are terrifying machines. A collision between a person and one of them would be an almost certain fatality due to the speed at which the rotors turn. The fear is magnified by the fact that these things are fiendishly difficult to fly. You have to learn on simulator software before going anywhere near the real thing.

The petrol ‘copter is nearly 4ft long including the rotor over- hang. Its impressive in action, making a terrific noise as it spits smoke and cuts the air. I didn’t dare ask how much it cost.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
what would you know about ‘nam?
you weren’t there.

more photos…

Earlier this year my sister completed in the London triathlon. I’m still to decide if this makes her a warrior or a moron. Regardless, I bravely stepped up to the plate to photograph the event. It began, as all good stories should, with lunch. I had some malaysian stir fried rice thing which was distinguished by its mediocrity (much like my camera). Jess and Dad took more time and presumably made a better decision.

My mother appeared estatic afterwards, although it is often difficult to disentangle genuine mirth from the background lunacy sometimes. In the reflection you can see a bit more of the docklands scene with cranes and what not. My father was convinced they were fakes.

This industrial wasteland provided the scenery for the event. It’s dramatic if nothing else. As you can see its pretty much impossible to pick out any individuals from the mass of identical swimmers. They would come in ‘waves’ where what looked like a hundred or so people would jump into the river and proceed to be motivated by some loud mouth with a megaphone. One of the women with the pink swimming caps is my sister.

And here is the woman of the hour, looking extremely wired. One hopes the effect is due to natural adrenaline rather than speed or some other performance enhancer. Remarkably she wasn’t too worse for wear whereas I had succumbed to sunstroke. Poor me. Lots more photos here…

I like insects. They are like little roboty things and are dead cool except they aren’t dead. This is a bumblebee in my parents garden. They are so awesome as they are fluffy and not many insects get to be fluffy. If I was going to be any insect I would definitely be a bumblebee although being so lazy I’m not sure I would be much cop. I wonder if there is a special bumblebee dole I could go on?

The next little roboty thing is a ladybird. Weird name as they come in male and aren’t birds. They can fly which is something. Very pretty things though, even girls like them – maybe that’s where the name came from. This pic was taken in a field near Welwyn.

Now this is much more like it on the roboscale. If was a genetic engineer in the Bladerunner sense, the first thing I would make would be a 30ft grasshopper. Bet it would make a grand old racket.

This is a sage plant that lives on my windowsill. I’m not sure why I bought it as I don’t often use sage when I’m cooking but I expect the plant is glad of this.

I had been trying to take pictures of the plant with a savage rainstorm as the backdrop but failed miserably. I took a consolation snap when the sun reappeared.

The trees are from a copse near Hitchin where I live. I took this picture on a lovely walk with my delightful girlfriend.

Both images have had the saturation reduced significantly with the exception of the green channels which were reduced less. It’s all too tempting to ramp up the contrast and saturation in order to get images that pop with colour so I though I would try the opposite.

A name is a big deal, especially for a business. While names are certainly more than a descriptive term, it does help if you can get that bit right. Here’s a shop that has failed. It’s not French and its not a dairy.

The next premises has got it spot on. It has all the panache of an urban fox that eats toddlers for tea. I’m not sure that it’s such a great idea to be drawing attention to it but what do I know; I don’t even have a job.

This is the Llyods building in London, otherwise known as the ‘inside out building’. I have always thought that good architecture was suppose to yield beautiful results. It’s certainly not that, but it is an interesting oddity. I guess in an aesthetic sense its the Joseph Merrick of architecture, improved slightly by the fact that the business that goes on inside is uglier still.

It was a bright and sunny day but I turned the exposure right down to make it look all the more like Mordor. The Orcs outside on their fag break didn’t look terribly pleased to be sharing the air with an actual person so I didn’t stay long.

I scuttled round the corner and took a snap of a ‘the gherkin’ as well. Or rather I was going to, but a plant thing stole my interest. If anyone knows what it is I would be interested to find out. Wish I had put a bit more depth of field but never mind!

It’s reassuring that life always finds a way to exist, even in such poisonous environments as the Square Mile. Rather the plant than me.

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