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This summer I went on another lovely walk with my delightful girlfriend, but this time on London’s South Bank, transformed into a smorsgabord of clowns and other fools.

It seems at least one person enjoys the policeman’s baton. Perhaps a formative moment for an anarchist in waiting?

The embrace of a dancing mannequin seems a jovial tragedy. I just hope this guy isn’t too into the method.

These guys were doing lots of jumping around with the finale being some guy fitting himself into an oversized Fray Bentos pie tray. I’ve seen better though, specifically an outfit that performed a similar act outside a pub in Holborn but with more drums. It’s all about multimedia these days lads.
Of course the child is unimpressed; this is all nonsense. Take her to something she will appreciate. Like the opera. Or Crufts.


This is a series of photos that I took at the Tate Modern at the beginning of the year. I hadn’t had the camera long and did a pretty poor job, all the pictures were very dark and a bit out of focus. However going with the low fidelity grain and grunging up the pictures has yielded some reasonable results.

The first photo is a few gormless randoms milling around the turbine hall. The main exhibit thing was a giant box.

You could enter the giant box via a giant ramp. As you walked further into the box the light petered out completely. An unnerving sensory experience for many people, mostly due to fear of inadvertently groping someone trying to find a wall.

This image shows an old man travelling at speed. He’s not ludicrously overdressed, it really was that cold! It’s not as desaturated as it looks either. The concrete had a funny way of sucking the colour of everything.

Here’s a picture of a set of stairs somewhere in the gallery. All the shadows coming out at different angles caught my eye. I wonder if it’s deliberate…

This is a serious of pictures that I took on the train down to London at the beginning of the year shortly after the snow fell. They are all in the vicinity of Finsbury Park. The first one of the sun in the towers was probably a bad idea as I don’t have a UV filter. Oops.

This advertisement fills me with no confidence at all. I thought it looked cool anyway – more like something you might see in America perhaps? It reminded me of a Chemical Brothers video

This sorry looking shell of a building has been disused for years now. I think it was a pub that got burnt out. Hopefully it’s going to get put back together again eventually; from the front it looks like it was a really cool building originally.

And finally, no urban pictures would be complete without some Graffiti. There was a great ‘RIP Ian Tomlinson‘ tag earlier but I missed it. I have no idea who MASH is, and neither does the tagger who wrote mash? afterwards.

This is Dave. He is a very nice man who doesn’t like having his picture taken. Unfortunately for him, I am a total bastard. He’s also got himself married a couple of days ago. Congratulations mate!

Earlier this year my sister completed in the London triathlon. I’m still to decide if this makes her a warrior or a moron. Regardless, I bravely stepped up to the plate to photograph the event. It began, as all good stories should, with lunch. I had some malaysian stir fried rice thing which was distinguished by its mediocrity (much like my camera). Jess and Dad took more time and presumably made a better decision.

My mother appeared estatic afterwards, although it is often difficult to disentangle genuine mirth from the background lunacy sometimes. In the reflection you can see a bit more of the docklands scene with cranes and what not. My father was convinced they were fakes.

This industrial wasteland provided the scenery for the event. It’s dramatic if nothing else. As you can see its pretty much impossible to pick out any individuals from the mass of identical swimmers. They would come in ‘waves’ where what looked like a hundred or so people would jump into the river and proceed to be motivated by some loud mouth with a megaphone. One of the women with the pink swimming caps is my sister.

And here is the woman of the hour, looking extremely wired. One hopes the effect is due to natural adrenaline rather than speed or some other performance enhancer. Remarkably she wasn’t too worse for wear whereas I had succumbed to sunstroke. Poor me. Lots more photos here…

A name is a big deal, especially for a business. While names are certainly more than a descriptive term, it does help if you can get that bit right. Here’s a shop that has failed. It’s not French and its not a dairy.

The next premises has got it spot on. It has all the panache of an urban fox that eats toddlers for tea. I’m not sure that it’s such a great idea to be drawing attention to it but what do I know; I don’t even have a job.

This is the Llyods building in London, otherwise known as the ‘inside out building’. I have always thought that good architecture was suppose to yield beautiful results. It’s certainly not that, but it is an interesting oddity. I guess in an aesthetic sense its the Joseph Merrick of architecture, improved slightly by the fact that the business that goes on inside is uglier still.

It was a bright and sunny day but I turned the exposure right down to make it look all the more like Mordor. The Orcs outside on their fag break didn’t look terribly pleased to be sharing the air with an actual person so I didn’t stay long.

I scuttled round the corner and took a snap of a ‘the gherkin’ as well. Or rather I was going to, but a plant thing stole my interest. If anyone knows what it is I would be interested to find out. Wish I had put a bit more depth of field but never mind!

It’s reassuring that life always finds a way to exist, even in such poisonous environments as the Square Mile. Rather the plant than me.

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